Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gabbar is a #dork - Gabbar CowMix #4

This one goes out for one of our favourite bloggers, Sidin. His first book, #dork, is coming out on the 30th. Hope to see as many number of reprints, as the number of RT's this comic recieves. #shameless :P. All the very best to Mr. Vadukut, and a respectful 'hi' to his missus. :)

~~This comic will self destruct on 29th jan 2359 hours for obvious reasons~~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gabbar captures Jobs - #3 Gabbar Cow-Mix

Gabbar has captured Steve Jobs. See for yourself.

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Dekha I captured Steve jobs, Applewa bechat rahe marde! Ehe heh hehe! *Gabbar Guffaw*

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

KamarTod Pahaadi - Gabbar Cow-mix #2

Ee raha Humra Doosra tohfa, Ehe hehe! *Gabbar Guffaw*

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RT @Basanti Bhaag dhanno bhaag aaj teri izzat ka sawaal hai!, Dhanno : #FML

Pony waale baba - Gabbar Cow-mix #1

Presenting for the 1st time ever, a Daaku blog - Gabbbar Cow-mix, chronicling the life and times of the legend himself, his dacoit-ness, Gabbar Singh. He'll take it frm here:

Aaoo Thakur Aaoo! Ee raha humra pahila Cowmic. Ramgarh ka launda IIPM me *Gabbar Guffaw* Ehe heh heh hahaha!

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Chaupp! Frooti samjha hai kaa be! RT @Veeru: Kutte mai tera khoon pee jaaunga.